Did I Develop Hyperacusis from These Incidents?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lizzie Grant, Jan 5, 2016.

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      Hi all. I'm new here. These past few days have thrown me into a nervous wreck. I had a few incidents regarding very loud noise that seem to have done something to my ears. These incidents consisted of putting in earbuds to listen to music or a video only to press play and have the volume be cranked up to maximum and have it blast me in my ears. I think that happened three times in a row? Not even sure how the volume got up that loud but I've since put a volume control on my phone. The other incident was when I was listening to a video that I needed increased sound for since it was very quiet and forgetting to turn my earbuds down I went on an app with a video that had autoplay with very loud sound. Great, right?

      Well I started to worry when I was watching tv and there was a guy yelling and everytime he raised his voice my right ear would kind of crackle? Not really pop. It was almost reminiscent of when you have a bad sore throat or sinus infection and you swallow and you feel that kind of crackle in your ear. I feel like that feeling has subsided but just yesterday I was washing dishes and the silverware was clanking together and I had an aversion to it that I normally don't have. It wasn't that painful but I definitely kind of winced a bit. I've become afraid of loud noise and I've started wearing earplugs around the house if I know someone will be clanking dishes or something like that. It's normally sudden loud noise that really scares me or seems to also hurt a bit. I have also had tinnitus at least once a day for a few seconds since about two or three days ago. To give you some history about myself: I've had tinnitus since I was young. It would come and go very quickly but I don't think I'd have it each day like I do now. I'm 18 years old and at 10 I was gifted my very first iPod and since then I will admit I have listened to my music loudly for hours at a time. Usually about 70-80% of the maximum volume.

      Anywho I have not used earbuds and plan not to anymore in fear of making things worse. Now, I don't know if that has anything to do with it considering I just noticed these symptoms after the loud noise incidents I mentioned above. I'm also very anxious and I'm not sure if the noises that seem to hurt seem louder because I anticipate it after I freaked out from those incidents or if there is something wrong. As far as I'm concerned I can still hear out of both ears. I've also had a little bit of in-ear pain that comes and goes quickly. Not too bad though.

      Anyways I'm a nervous wreck. I'm planning on having my mother take me to see a doctor if this doesn't get better. I would just like some input from people who might know what's going on here. Thanks so much for reading.
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