Did I Get Tinnitus from Listening to a 729 Hz Video?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Negima, Sep 15, 2015.

    1. Negima

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      September 11. 2015
      I used to listen to frequency videos that can be seen on youtube like the 528 hz and 432 hz videos but lately I've seen someone claimed that 729 hz is the real healing frequency so I decided to give it a try but it doesn't do anything to me aside from the fact that it's an annoying noise but while I was browsing the comment section I saw someone made a comment and said that sound is similar to Tinnitus so lately I've been doing research on stuff about Tinnitus also I was shocked that the uploader of the vid who is known as Gridkeeper was an infamous fraudster but it was too late and I have already listened to the video but I did not had any Tinnitus symptoms until I read one of the comments and then the Tinnitus is there. I was using my speakers when I listened to this frequency but only at a moderate volume. This all happened last Friday.

      Healing Harmonics 729 Hz Sine Wave Tone Part 1of 5


      Yesterday, I went to an ENT and he gave me Ofloxacin, Beclomethasone-Dipropionate, Clotrimazole & Lignocaine ear drops and he told me that there is an inflammation in my right ear. Take note that I clean my ears with cotton buds 3-5 times per day especially if it feels itchy, last Wednesday I put water, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide on my ears due to how itchy it was.

      Though aside from those last Tuesday I have experienced pressure on my left ear but that was due to the fact that I was blasting my earbuds at max volume.

      The specs of my headphones are:

      Speaker: 9mm
      Sensitivity: 98 db
      Impedance = 32 OHMS
      Frequency Response = 18 Hz-22 kHz
      RMS = 5 mW

      It's a G-cube Spin iBuds.

      While I was using my former Samsung earbuds, I never felt pressure on my ears but this particular new earbuds that I bought was louder and has a lot more pressure.

      So all in all I'm not sure if what caused the Tinnitus in my ear is the 792 hz video, the inflammation in my ears, or the new 98 db earbuds that I bought last August.
    2. Negima

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      September 11. 2015

      Will anyone be able to help me? The ringing on my ears has been worse, is there anyone here who is an expert about frequencies? I don't know if I'm getting paranoid because I listened to that video and got Tinnitus.
    3. Aaron123

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      It's always hard to say what causes tinnitus, but listening to a video at "moderate" volume on speakers is very, very unlikely to do it. It's great that you got to see an ENT so quickly.

      However, listening to earbuds at "max volume" is much more likely to do it. Did you just buy them last month? Have you been listening to them at "max volume" since you bought them? Did you listen to your old earbuds at a high volume as well?

      Additionally, cleaning out your ears with q-tips multiple times a day will result in inflammation of the ear canal and possibly other things. Itchiness is generally a sign of other issues.

      Can you say more about your meds? I personally would stay away from oral -flaxin antibiotics due to their side effects profile.

      Additionally, since this is brand new and may be due to acoustic trauma via the earbuds, the usual recommendation is a course of prednisone. You can search here to find links to threads about that.

      Good luck.
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    4. uae96

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      If there's inflammation in you're ear then that's what might have caused you're tinnitus , becarefull putting liquid in you're ears they could cause an infection @Negima
    5. Negima

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      September 11. 2015
      Yes, I've been listening to my new earbuds at max volume but usually no longer than 30 minutes or 1 hour.

      This song however is exceptionally much louder compared to other songs on my Ipod.

      【黒崎真音】7thシングル「楽園の翼」MV -short ver.-

      I used to listen to my old earbuds on high volume as well but it never caused any pressure on my ears unlike the new one. The very first time I noticed the Tinnitus effect was Tuesday last week but it was gone the next morning.

      Can inflammation cause Tinnitus as well?

      Also what about the 732 HZ video I posted? Does it have any actual negative effects that can cause Tinnitus because it's an extremely high pitch noise? I've seen some comments on youtube that they had ringing on their ears after listening to that video.

      Btw the antibiotics my ENT gave are actually ear drops based, none of them are oral.
    6. glynis

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      I agree with Aaron about the ear buds and could be itchy drying the ear out from natural oil.
      Using cotton buds is not a good idea and can cause problems poking your ears and push wax further down to compact it.
      Use olive oil drops twice a week should keep your ears clean.
      When your infection clears up your tinnitus should settle...lots of love glynis
    7. Negima

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      September 11. 2015
      Okay everyone, I just did a hearing test and I just found out that I can't hear anything above 14 kHZ.

      I mainly listens to Jpop and Jrock, what am I going to miss? I'm only 23 years old.
    8. Forever hopeful

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      August 2015
      Did you ask your MD about Prednisone? I was not a candidate due to not having any hearing loss associated with my acoustic trauma but it seems you do. Also, please, please protect your ears . No more ear buds on max. Continued exposure to loud noises will only make you worse.

      Best wishes.
    9. Negima

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      September 11. 2015
      It's currently 1 am on where I live so I'll ask about it tomorrow, however I just did another sound test and I found out that I can still hear 15 kHz but it fades away around 16 kHz.

      I will ask for a soundtest from my ENT tomorrow.
    10. Crake

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      You seem to be under the impression that listening to different frequencies will have a "magical" effect on you. Listening to specific frequencies at a safe volume cannot heal you or cause tinnitus.

      However, playing ANYTHING on max volume is will absolutely cause tinnitus, and is quite possibly the reason you have it. Don't do that. Haven't you heard everyone saying not to play stuff on max volume or listen to stuff too loud? That's why. The average mp3 player's with headphones has an estimated max volume of 120 db, that's enough to cause permanent hearing loss instantly, let alone if played for 30 minutes to an hour. Anything over 85 is considered unsafe if you're exposed for too long, with less time required to do damage as the volume increases.

      As far as taking "hearing tests" and not being able to hear about 14k or 16k. Are you testing at home? Software, computer hardware, and speaker/headphones all have different built in maximum frequencies, so if you try to play 15khz on one set of earbuds you might hear nothing because they cannot play that volume. The only way to reliably measure top hearing range is with equipment that has been tested with a known frequency curve. Go to an audiologist and get the professional test, they'll be able to do an accurate one.

      If you can hear 16khz, you're good, that's pretty common for people in their 20's or older. So you shouldn't worry about high frequency hearing loss, everyone gets it eventually with age anyway.
    11. Negima

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      September 11. 2015
      I use specific frequencies to meditate, I do not know if it's placebo or not but 432 hz and 528 hz makes me feel relaxed and whenever I have headaches I usually listen to the 2.5 hz delta waves and it somehow removes my headache.

      Yes, I am testing at home but my younger sister who is 22 years old is able to hear 17 khz on my computer, I did an online decibel test and it seems like I can hear around 16.5-17 decibels, I heard that would count as slight hearing loss.

      No, I could not get in contact with my ENT today because the reservations are full and and the other ENT clinic is closed, should I ask my family doctor if I could take Prednisone with the permission of my ENT?

      How long is the time limit before Prednisone or other steroids can prevent the death of hair cells? The very first symptoms of my Tinnitus is Tuesday last week but it was gone the next morning but my Tinnitus went back on Friday when I listened to that 729 hz video.

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