Discovered Stretching My Shoulders and Neck Improved My Hissing Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by Suzerman, Mar 19, 2018.

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      Probably a mix of ETD and TMJ
      I've been suspecting for a long time that my hissing tinnitus had something to do with my neck/shoulders/jaw because I could influence the volume by tensing it all up or relaxing it. Now today I was putting on my heater (very old gas heater) so I put earplugs in and headphones on, because it is loud and I have slight hyperacusis. So all I could hear was my hissing sound. And once I decided to stretch my shoulders down and stretch my neck to the right (sound is in left ear) the sound almost completely disappeared. It happened a few times when I massaged that area as well. I thought this might be an interesting find to try out for people who are dealing with the same type of tinnitus as me.

      I also tend to pull my shoulders up, and tense my neck. The area between my neck and shoulders generally feels very small and crammed because of this. I'm trying to pay attention to it now, and it is like my tinnitus has decreased in volume quite a lot ever since. I have become more and more certain that this and tmj are the main culprits for my hissing ear. Tinnitus from muscle tension is very interesting to me, and there should definitely be more research into this, because I feel it must be quite common and probably not too hard to treat.
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      Loud noise in 04/Wedding dance floor and flying? in 18
      Hi how's your hissing T doing these days?

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