Dizzy, Stress, Anxiety, Muscles and a Whole Lot More!

Discussion in 'Support' started by untamed wolf, Mar 9, 2016.

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      Well... My life is never gonna be easy again. I can't accept it because I think there must be something that can be done. When I first got my T I was spiraling down in a oh so familiar low self-esteem whole.

      To try and make a timeline I went back in my search history to see what I was doing. The night I got T I was watching youtube videos on volume 2 (on a macbook scale) and searching for ways to make myself better (that's my issue, I'm never good enough).

      As soon as it started I said "it will go away, I'm just tired." I want to bed and it was still there, but I didn't have time to think about that. I was putting a lot of pressure of myself bcd then and the day after T I sat and cried in a bus... the stress got to me.

      The following night T woke me up and i cried for a good two hours. then I did the same thing next night... except there did happened something that night. I was laying on my side and the T travelled from one ear to another in a weird way and then disappeared only to return again.

      I then went to the ENT and she told me to wait 3 months. I did and it was still there. I was still spiraling down and I am only know trying not to be so harsh n myself. went to another ENT and she just said "bad luck" and send me home crying (that night the T got worse...).

      I then started fighting and went to the physiotherapist and there is a lot muscle wise wrong. I tried an exercise where I pulled my ear and something went wrong because I for dizzy all day and couldn't stand straight.

      I had sinus infection just a week prior to T and maybe I sparked or pulled some inflammation?

      All I know is that I didn't feel good the next couple of days and my ears was so irritated.

      I don't know what to do! everything is such a roller costar.

      Is there hope it will go away at some point?
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Sorry about your struggle with tinnitus, which is still relatively new in T age. It has been said the ears may take 6 months or more to settle down, plus your condition of sinus congestion, inflammation and dizziness may suggest ETD. You may have Eustachian Tube Disfunction or ETD when the tube is blocked or swollen due to inflammation. The symptoms are vertigo (dizziness), ear pain, ear fullness or pressure, dull hearing, etc. It usually will improve after the tube is back to normal after some time. So don’t worry. Here is a good site to read up on it to see if your symptoms fit the description of ETD:


      Whether T will go away or not eventually is not easy to know. Is it possible? Yes, there are people whose T vanished, or faded to barely audible level. Some took a supplement and it works for them. Most though just habituate to T over time even if it doesn't go away. The body has the ability to do habituate to T if you don't put up a painful & negative resistance to the reality of living with T. Many members get better and post their success stories including myself. If you have time, check these stories out. Don't panic and despair. Give it some time. Try some masking to soothe. You will find that as you keep more calm and positive, T will become less intrusive. Take care. God bless.


      You may want also to read the most read success story ‘Back to Silence’ with a simple effective strategy by IWLM:
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      Maybe stress ?
      No need to blame yourself , this will make Tinnitus worse
      The same happened to me . but I discovered that each time I think about it the worse it will be and each time we have bad emotional feeling the Louder it is .
      be sure that by time the sound will decrease considerably . and it will be cured.

      Mine it was 6/10 in the first weeks , but now -thanks to God- it is 3/10 /--- 4/10 . so you will not notice it.
      Just some patience and try to not transfore the issue to a psychological problem .
      I go to Gym ( with loud music) .. even waching Footbal on noisy place :) ..
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      Ive had it so many years now ,you really really do get used to it.I hate when it spikes or changes tones/sound levels but for the most part you really do learn to ignore it. Mine does def go up a notch when im dtressed and/or anxious so try to be easy on yourself :) xx

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