Does the Tone of Your Tinnitus Indicate the Pitch Your Hearing Loss Is at?

Discussion in 'Support' started by geg1992, Mar 14, 2015.

    1. geg1992

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      Noise exposure + Antibiotics
      Is it an idicator of which pitch your hearing loss is at? I've just developed a low pitched T and it's driving me mad :(
    2. walkthroughwalls

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      No, my T is on frequencies where I have no hearing loss at all.
    3. My T was also at a frequency where I had no hearing loss, until I tried Neuromonics, which then gave me high screeching sounds at the frequencies where I do have hearing loss.
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    4. canyonero

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      Acoustic Trauma?
      I had no hearing loss below 8khz, so I don't know. I also have Hyperacusis, which means I have hearing gain near my T frequency. I know whenever anyone within a 20 mile radius of me says a word with an S in it.

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