Does Tinnitus Lower in Pitch?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tim Hogan, Jul 16, 2016.

    1. Tim Hogan

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      June 2016
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      Cold/Flu (Minor) >>> Botched Acoustic Reflex Test (Severe)
      I can accept (scratch that), tolerate having to live with Tinnitus, but not currently at the pitch its at. I wouldnt call it... loud, or maybe it is i dunno, but the most annoying thing is the pitch, it sounds a few db down from a Dog whistle or something.

      From experience does it generally lower in pitch as time goes on?
    2. Alue
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      Acoustic Trauma
      If it's noise induced, probably not.

      I have the dog whistle T too, it really sucks.
    3. Jkph75

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      I think I have this. I would describe mine as an ultra high pitched hiss. For me, it's just one of the many sounds I have been blessed with. It's not there all the time but when it is I hear it over everything. If I am somewhere loud it just ramps it's up to compete with the noise. I am wondering if it's more related to something somatic or neuron overactivity since I get it sometimes in my deaf ear too.

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