Does Your Tinnitus Change with the Season?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Azariah, Nov 7, 2016.


Does Your Tinnitus Change with the Season (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)?

  1. Yes

  2. Maybe, I haven't been able to confirm if changing seasons is the reason

  3. No

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    1. Azariah

      Azariah Member

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      Who knows?
      Hi Everybody!

      I was wondering if anyone has noticed if their Tinnitus changes with the seasons?

      If so, which season is best and which is worst?

      (I've recently come upon some obscure but interesting research. I don't want to say more until people reply. The answers people give could give me some more data to help confirm or deny a theory I have.)

    2. gotyoubynuts

      gotyoubynuts Member

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      It stays the same for me
    3. squeek

      squeek Member

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      Noise impact/maybe seaborn
      Yes, absolutely.

      Particularly during the transition between autumn to winter and spring to summer. Wind and oncoming rain also drives up the tinnitus.

      Summer is the best season for my tinnitus.
    4. Mahr

      Mahr Member Benefactor

      The Netherlands
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      unknown, probably hair cell damage
      No changes what so ever!
    5. Codaz

      Codaz Member

      Related to TMJ. Yes. In warm environments TMJ pain is less and so is T.
      That isn't anything new. My TMJ specialist even joked that I should move to Spain for the heat.

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