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Discussion in 'Support' started by dalz, May 29, 2016.

    1. dalz

      dalz Member

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      January 5
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      ear infection
      So I've finally signed up, accepting this is not going away as fast as I'd hoped. I'm hoping I will get some guidance and similar experiences.
      I got sick in January, just a regular nasty cold, and one night I had intense ear pain. I took a pill and went back to sleep since I had an exam the next day. When I woke up I no longer had pain but after the exam I noticed ringing. Went to the doc that night, prescribed ear drops. Eventually followed up with ENT (several actually), got prescribed steroids and decongestants. The T did decrease in volume but it is still constant and sometimes I have panic attacks about losing silence for the rest of my life.
      Has anyone had a similar experience and recovered? It's been many months already and I'm starting to lose hope. Also, I keep myself in almost constant noise, even have a fan on at night. Is this the right thing to do, or is it better to try to surround myself with silence while sleeping?

      All info is deeply appreciated.
    2. castiel141

      castiel141 Member

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      May 3,2016
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      ear infection
      Hello dalz, if your tinnitus is caused by an ear infection like mine then it will go away but it takes a long time though the best thing to do right now is not worry much or stress about it cause it will only make it worse. Good luck and God Bless You
    3. Eib

      Eib Member

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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Ear infection
      I currently have tinnitus due to an ear infection but it's fairly new. Got the ear infection a week ago. Started amox anti biotics a few days ago and the pain has subsided but the tinnitus hasn't.

      Did yours go eventually?
    4. thumbinbumb

      thumbinbumb Member

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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      treatment of a long term ear infection with antibiotics
      3 months still have my ringing from an infection. @dalz i keep myself surrounded by noise, its the best way to think about it as little as possible.

      i honestly find i sleep better with the fan anways ( i always used to sleep in silence ) - I do miss having an option though.
    5. Dan-in-MD

      Dan-in-MD Member

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      April 2016
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      I had an ear infection in late April of this year. Since then I've had 12KHz Tinnitus which spikes when I yawn, open my mouth wide, or press on the sides of my head. It's audible above normal room level noise.

      I've seen many doctors and even the University of Maryland Tinnitus program. I may ultimately have to cough up the funds for maskers to wear in my ears while awake.

      No effective treatment options.
    6. Richard zurowski

      Richard zurowski Member Benefactor

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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Ear infection.
      Ear infections seems to be the biggest cause of tinnitus that's how my tinnitus started. What else causes tinnitus .. loud noises ? Old age? Head injuries? Stress? Whatever the cause we are all stuck in this nightmare until there is a big breakthrough in treating this awful condition.
    7. vanderlae

      vanderlae Member

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      Feb 2nd
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Amoxicillin pill
      His probably got better why he doesn't come on anymore. I have a simular problem and I do believe it will go away. The best thing to do for me is to just hope and live every day normally until it goes away or not

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