Ear Trauma

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      ear trauma
      Ear trauma


      I am new to this forum. I have had tinnitus for over 3 weeks now. My tinnitus is a high pitched sound that just wont stop. I have had a 3 really bad weeks. Since this is new to me, my brain can not comprehend the noise and it has created a chain of problems. I haven’t been able to focus on work, I am constantly worry about.

      I have read many reasons for tinnitus but it seems mine is little different. It was brought on by a freak accident. A slight blow to my ear with an elbow caused the tinnitus to occur instantaneously. It is only in one ear.

      I have done so much research on it over the past weeks and that insufficient blood flow to the inner ear (cochlea) may cause the tinnitus. I bought several different victims to help increase the blood flow but nothing has worked. But today I tried acupuncture. I told the women my dilemma and she informed me that she was going to place the needles in areas where the she felt it would increase the blood flow. She placed them on certain spots around my ear and also in strategic points on my body, then left me to relax. After 5 minutes, the high pitched noise was gone. It was the first time in 3 weeks I was in silence. I couldn’t believe how at piece I was. It was like that for the remainder of the session. I left and when I got home the tinnitus returned. But it came and went which I thought was odd.

      I guess what I am trying to ask is that has anyone ever experienced tinnitus from ear trauma and if they did, was the tinnitus reversible. I understand there are many ways for people to contract tinnitus but the ear trauma seems to be somewhat less than normal

      Thank you so much for everyone’s time. Im glad people are here to share stories and hope one day this conditions can be cured.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. If there is no one replying, it doesn't mean other members don't have similar conditions. Just that those guys may not be reading this post. So perhaps you can do searches on key words like 'ear slap', or 'ear injury' or 'ear drum injury'. You should be able to find many discussions on this type of T. Good luck. God bless.
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      Ear slap + Hearing loss
      I'm in the same boat as you, glad to hear the acupuncture worked for a bit I may have to try that too. You can read my story so I won't re-hatch here. I have had this very loud ringing now for a month, this past Friday I had two hours of silence while I was up and doing things around the house, prior to that I had a couple of twenty minute breaks. Holding out hope that when this paper patch on my eardrum finally breaks down and everything is healed this tinnitus will subside. Take care and please continue to post if your tinnitus goes away.
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      not sure, head trauma 1.5 years ago
      Hi, I'm new and wondering how it's going with the T. Have you gone back for a repeat of the acupuncture? My T might be due to head trauma, I'm not sure. First stop for me will be ENT but first available appointment is May 1 :-( . After ENT, next stop will be acupuncture. Curious, if you still have your T (and I hope you don't) do you have an electric toothbrush and does it make it go away temporarily if you use it?

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