Discussion in 'Support' started by Tom Cnyc, Aug 21, 2016.

    1. Tom Cnyc

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      Warehouse event after years of enjoying music.
      So overall my ringing is down tremendously. Same goes for sound sensitivity. I do still have near constant earache though. Anyone experience this?
    2. MrBonk

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      Winchester, Oregon
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      ETD/Insane sinus congestion/TMJ/mold allergy/dog bark??????
      I've got this randomly intermittent ear ache in my right ear that I can feel going from the back top of my throat, up my neck slightly into my right ear. Like my Eustachian tube is inflamed. When I try to pop it gently with the Valsalva, right ear has not opened up as easily as my left for 3 months.

      In my left ear, I have ear aches in the canal itself and in front of the ear. I've had quite a few TMD symptoms in that ear. If I pull and rotate that ear, it makes a popping sound.(Not the eardrum). And if I push on the tragus in a certain way sometimes, it causes an incredibly strong sensation of pain. Pushing in or around the entrance to the canal can do the same sometimes.
    3. Mario martz

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      Hey Tom! i have had that too, weird right?
      it comes and goes, today my t and ear ache hasnt been present thank god.

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