Earplugs — Which Will Be Best for Me?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lauken83, Mar 31, 2016.

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      Hello! I am looking to buy ear plugs, for use when going to party and places with loud music, etc. I want them to cancel out the high frequency tones, when music or noise gets loud, and still have good/normal hearing when the noise level is moderate, so I will be able to have a conversation. Anyone with a good solution?
    2. matt89

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      Acoustic Trauma
      Here you go:

    3. Zora
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      1st time: Megaphone ;2nd time: headphones too loud
      @Lauken83 yup those party plugs matt posted are awsome! but I would never use them for partying. they are great because the keep most of the noises u dont want to hear out and let the music or the voices through. I bought them 1 month ago and they are really comfortable in the ear, not much pressure :)
      always depends on the level of music...those would be perfect for a houseparty with friends but not for the club for example

      BUT as I said I would never use them for partying - not enough protection. they say they reduce 16-20 decibel. But I would always use the 32 db foam reduction plugs :) be safe, dont risk it

      --that sounded like condom advertisement :D
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      Thank you so much both of you for answering me. I guess 16db is better than none,as nearly 20 years with loud music and partying almost every weekend without protection has done enough damage now. Its time to "grow up" and use ear protection,and not living and partying like its the last day of our life and dont worry for the next day and future;)

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