Discussion in 'Support' started by Penelope33, May 29, 2014.

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      I've hit a big wall, so to speak. I'm so exhausted and drained from this long long tinnitus journey, it feels like a marathon.
      I'm going to take a break from this site, from the internet entirely, seek other measures of focus. I'm tired beyond tired.
      Hope I don't miss any important 'cure' news while I'm away ;-) stay well everyone and thank you kindly for your support. Means a lot, how total strangers can care to reply.
      I do not deserve this tinnitus, as you all don't either....I've still got a lot of workings out to do in my head. And without peace and quiet, I've got to make peace with this. Xx
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      Hey Penelope,

      I know you may not get this for awhile as you are taking a break, but know that we are here and we do care!! I really hope and pray you find peace!! Stay strong and find some rest friend!!

      Best to you!

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      Take care and I hope you find some peace. Xxx
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      Hey @Penelope33: Board breaks can be tremendously helpful. I just finished one myself. Took about two-three months off; I did lurk but basically forbid myself to post. It helped clear my head and give me some focus. Best wishes and perhaps we will see you back here some day.
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