Familial Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Samantha R, Oct 13, 2016.

    1. Samantha R

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      I have had tinnitus for around 3 months.
      Found out when telling my youngest sister that I had tinnitus, that she has had it for 5.5 years. She never told anyone in the family.... Didn't think we would understand. Her tinnitus is idiopathic like mine, came on 9 months after my nephew was born ( this may be relevant as mine came on 3 weeks post partum with twins). Hers is bilateral, normal hearing on audiogram, she's never been one for nightclubs and pubs.
      Intrusive for her, she went through the same initial crisis, depression and anxiety and inspiringly for me, leads a normal and productive life now.
      My dad has unilateral tinnitus - his left ear. He had some hearing loss in that ear.
      I'm just curious but haven't really found anything where tinnitus might be 'in the family'.
      It could just be an unfortunate coincidence of course.
    2. Kar4
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      acoustic trauma
      I also have bad feeling about my family disposition. My father had severe hearing loss (caused by noisy work environment - never used protection). Some of our oldest family members have hearing loss. Of course it is age related, but seems to be above-average to me, as they lived whole life at quiet place, countryside, so...
      I've asked my brother and mom to go for audio testing to get some hint. But dhey didn't yet. They just don't care...
    3. Candy

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      Hi Sam, after telling my family turns out my brother has had it on one side since last November. Doesn't bother him that much, he says he can hear it all the time but from what I gather it has no impact on his life.
      Whereas on a good day I hear it but can lead a normalish life...on a bad day it's all there is. So my belief is we have very different levels of T.
      However the genetic argument could be viable.
    4. Mentos

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      Cracow, Poland
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      Noise induced, loud rock concert
      My mum has tinnitus (although she claims she does not hear it for weeks if she does not think about it), my sister have mild tinnitus, my wife and ma father in law. And me of course, even if it sesm I'm the only one who absesses over it. But since we plan my wife to get pregnant I'm a bit affraid that with history of T in both of our families may lead to the child developing T easily. Do you think T can be hereditary or that at least our child could be prone to tinnitus in the future? T is the last thing I would like for my child, I no a suffering associated with it.

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