Few Things. Fleeting Tinnitus. And Flying.

Discussion in 'Support' started by amymilly, Sep 21, 2018.

    1. amymilly

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      Perforated ear drum
      Hi guys.
      Haven’t been on here for a while.
      Few things I wanted to speak about.

      Firstly fleeting tinnitus:
      Recently this past week I seem to be having fleeting tinnitus loads throughout the day. Previously I’d have it now and again. And now it seems more regular. Like 6x a day. Scaring the life out of me to be honest. Has anyone had this. I wonder why it’s started to do this. I’m worried in case my ears are about to become worse?

      Secondly flying:
      I've had tinnitus now 2 years. And I’m about to have my first flight in 2 weeks. And my anxiety is horrendous.
      I booked my holiday in need of a break from life. Feeling brave. And now I’m petrified in case it worsens my tinnitus. How have people’s experiences been?
      I've bought some ear plane ear plugs from Boots to try keep my pressure in ears regulated. Wish we didn’t have to worry about every single thing we did in case our ears become worse. What a life eh. X
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    2. Michael B

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      Flying sometimes sets off my tinnitus but only for the day.
      Protect your ears as you mentioned. Some people use Earplanes earplugs for take off & landing.
      Enjoy your trip, don't stress it, you should do fine.
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    3. GregCA

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      If you don't have any ET disfunction and manage to equalize the pressure frequently during ascent/descent phases, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
      I find that my Bose Noise Cancelling headphones are very useful during the flight: it allows me to keep the engine noise at bay while listening to whatever I want at low volume.
    4. coffee_girl

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      Noise induced / Concert
      Foam plugs then noise canceling headphones if youre really worried, otherwise...flying has never given me any issues.
    5. Tony Phylactou

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      Cement factory noise lowT,then stress high T
      My wife took some dB measurements while on a 5 hour flight with Airbus A320.

      Take off was 89 dB for 10 minutes, cruising was 83 dB constant.

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