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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Michael Sal, Oct 30, 2014.

    1. Michael Sal

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      10 / 1997
      hi all ,
      My name is Michael ,I live in Australia and have had tinnitus for 15 plus years,
      These days it is really ramping up and out of control . I have to be careful
      And stay away from loud noise as much as possible and in the quietness of night it's hard to sleep ,
      But I do the best I can and love life to boot ,,,
      Thinking it would good to
      Talk to other people in the same situation,,
      Michael Sal
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    2. Gail50

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      Hi I am new to this site. My name is Gail and I also
      live in Australia. Had my T since 2013. Sometimes
      it,s okay and other times it drives me crazy.
      I think mine is from my jaw and neck. Have tried
      all the vitamins with no result
    3. Scottrock

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      2 weeks
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      Possibly ear infection or loud music
      Hi, I'm Brett and have had T for two weeks. I am an Aussie, from Melbourne, but have lived in the middle east, where there is no support for the affliction. How is your tinnitus these days?
    4. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hello new members to tinnitus talk.
      Tinnitus can change sound and strength hourly or daily and usually over time settles to a base sound and get spikes that come and go.
      @Gail50,read up on TIM and see your dentist for confirmation who can help you with a mouth guard.

      Tinnitus comes with lots of unwanted emotions and over time your brain will build up it's own natural filter and your emotions will settle down also.
      Sound therapy at night will help set below your tinnitus and as your brain focuses on the lower sound you have chosen it helps your brain not focus on your tinnitus.

      We are here around the clock to support you...lots of love glynis
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