Flight Journey Made My Tinnitus Worse

Discussion in 'Support' started by Asian, Apr 10, 2015.

    1. Asian

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      This was my first flight since the tinnitus onset. I had to pop my ears a couple of times during landing due to pressure indifference and that was the only inconvenience during my whole flight. My tinnitus was clearly louder on the same night after the flight and its little worse than before overall. Any similar experience?
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      Hi @Asian, yes, I've had this experience before, but my T always goes back to normal within a week. My ears and pressure changes are not exactly best friends, so I generally end up with some ear-popping issues which makes my T at least seem louder.

      Has it been very long since your flight? I would just sit tight, your ears are probably a little irritated, but things always go back to normal for me. I usually take extra vitamins and get extra sleep just to support any necessary healing. I also wear flitemates on the plane (earplugs that help you adujust to pressure).

      Take care :)
    3. Joshua

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      Who knows?
      Asian, let me know if your T improves and how you're coping; I'm planning a flight in late May and I'm scared to death. It will be the first flight since my T started and I'm afraid I won't react well if it worsens.
    4. marqualler

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      Ear infection / Mild Noise Induced Hearing Loss
      This resource from the BTA re: flying with tinnitus is quite helpful:


      Also try searching the database here for individual stories. You will see that most people's issues they have from flying, if any, resolve themselves back to a baseline.
    5. Mark662

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      I spent about 15 hours on a long haul flight recently. My t was worsened after, even with a combination of ear plugs and listening to music with headphones to drown out the aeroplane noise. A few days later my t reduced more than before the flight then a couple of weeks later t is back to normal level.

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