Flying While Getting Over a Cold

Discussion in 'Support' started by pinkrose16, Jul 29, 2021.

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      Flying on a 4 hour flight on Saturday.

      However, I just got a cold in which I am experiencing congestion. I read on here that flying with a cold is not good for tinnitus/sinuses. However, I am unsure of how much congestion poses a threat, exactly? For instance, I am not experiencing much congestion today as I am beginning to get over the cold, but I am worried that flying so soon after the cold will be harmful. If I am too congested, I will most likely postpone the flight, but I don't know how to determine how much congestion is too much to fly.

      Additionally, any tips on flying in general would be appreciated. I have typically not had any issues with it, but this has been a particularly stressful month for my tinnitus so I'm a bit more cautious right now.

      Thank you.
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