For My TMJ Peeps: Do You Get Pressure on the Roof of Your Mouth and Top of Your Head?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mike L, Jun 26, 2016.

    1. Mike L

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      Not Sure
      Do any of you get pressure on the roof of your mouth and top of your head?

      I'm doing tmj treatments and my jaw feels 100% better but now my head muscles and mouth feel like a weight is on it?

      Just curious
    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Mike,
      Great to hear your TMJ treatment is going well and hope others can answer your question....lots of love glynis
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    3. Ears Hurt

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      Whiplash or Buzzer (abuse from ex)
      I get headaches daily. I don't really have pain on the roof of my mouth. My pain is predominately in my ears and in front of my ears.
    4. Paromita

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      April 2016
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      Not sure, maybe dental and facial nerve
      I dont know for sure if I have TMJ, but I had a dental surgery of recent (got 3 tooth pulled out from my left jaw). My maxofacial surgeon says I can open my mouth wide so its not TMJ, but I seem to have all the classic symptoms.
      facial pain, numbness on my nose, my bite feels off to me, sometimes I bite my toungue, sometimes speech is slurry and excess saliva (gland under my tongue feels a bit painful)/Also have a burning tongue.

      So since you hae TMJ, let me know if you have any thing like that.

      To answer your question - yes when I touch the top roof of my mouth, all the nerve or muscle (?) come my nose starts tingling and becomes numb. I have some tingling on top of my head also.

      I am stuck between nueralagia or TMD, cant figure out which one I am having.

      On top of that, an upper cervial chiro has told me my C1, C2 is off....great right ? More confusion. Dont know which one to treat first. uuuuuuugh!
    5. tiniturtle

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      I've experienced this twice in my life. 6 years ago and now. I am not sure what exactly it is attributed to, but it went away on it's own the first time around. It could be anxiety related clenching, or some nerve phenomena. This time around it coincides with taking paromomycin.
    6. racerfish
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      Noise / T worsened with antiobiotics
      Is the pain in your ears a dull pain or a sharp pain?

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