For Those Discouraged When a Doctor Says "Just Learn to Live with It"

Discussion in 'Support' started by JasonP, Apr 18, 2016.

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      I just want to say that when they say there is no cure for tinnitus that some people have been cured and also some people have found things like hearing aids or anti-convulsants or other drugs or supplements that help lessen the tinnitus. Don't let them scare you and don't go into fight or flight mode. I know that is easier said than done. In addition, even if you can't rid yourself of it, you can habituate to it after time.
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      I think the family doctor or ENT is a bad place to receive such 'death penalty'. LOL. These folks are not trained to handle T as there are no meds to prescribe for T right now. They are also not trained counsellors nor they have time to explain more about how to live with T. They are so busy with long line ups at the clinic. I just wish these doctors are more well trained to counsel desperate T patients, or that there are T-specialized clinics that they can refer the patients to for more proper counselling about T. One cold sentence of no-help for life just won't help the patients, and may make them even more desperate. Glad to have a place like Tinnitus Talk for T sufferers to visit. But even that, sometimes doctors will discourage their T patients from visiting. Sigh!
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      Hello :) I love this site I know none of us want this horrible illness but this site helps wonders

      I'm seeing an ENT who has dealt with tinnitus for over 40 years hopefully he can help me

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