Found Out One of My Best Bud's Also Has Tinnitus. Key to Habituation?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Weswhat, Nov 22, 2015.

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      So I recently mentioned to a close friend of mine about tinnitus and to my surprise he has it and has it much worse than I do. It doesn't bother him AT ALL. He doesn't understand why it bothers me... pretty strange. I question why it bothers me now, so I'm making this post. Little backstory. He's had it since he was 16, I've had mine since I was 19. We are both 22.
      When we were hanging out last, while outside I told him to pause and asked if he could hear it, he responded with yes, he can always hear it. He says he hears it no matter what so I assume he has it pretty bad. Although he told me he got used to it within weeks of first getting it. Lucky ass. As for me, I only really hear it while indoors.

      Now here's what I don't get...
      How can some people not let this bother them and others like me I'm like obsessed with it?
      Is it because I'm constantly googling about it? Going on forums reading other's stories? Could we all benefit taking a break looking up anything tinnitus related?
      Sounds like that may be a way to habituate?
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      Hello. In regards to your question, yes is the answer. When I first got it, during the first month I was so bothered by it. And I kept googling and coming to this site to read up about the different forums and threads. Now, I only visit this site to see if there is any reply to whatever I posted. Now, I don't think of it as much as I used to. There are still days that I still feel bothered. Trust me, try not to think about it as much, don't look up anything T related for about a week, and you'll probably feel better. How you react to the sound also matters. Don't think too much, prayer also helps, no matter what you believe in.
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      Meniere's Disease
      We are all so different on how we cope with emotions and sounds in our ears.
      Our brain is a clever bugger and in time at our own pace we start to cope better with tinnitus as our brain learns to filter out the sound .
      Time is a great healer.
      Eating and sleeping well helps and being positive through life.
      If people find ther mood low and heading for depression,talking therapy is great and meds if needed...lots of love glynis

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