Getting Louder Within the First Couple of Weeks

Discussion in 'Support' started by Pipo, Oct 4, 2014.

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      Hey, I have t since 3 weeks now and it has changed from being predominantly in my left ear and ringing to a high pitched hissing in both of my ears. That happened within the first 7 days or so. I had the hissing, which I could hardly hear even when sitting in more or less silence, for about one and a half week until i noticed it getting louder. Now my hissing so loud that i can hear it even while I'm typing on my keyboard. So I was wondering if you guys have experienced your t getting louder too within the first couple of weeks?

      Thanks for your replies.
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      Have u a seen a doctor yet??
      Ear infection, sinus trouble. . Loud sound exposure, allergic reaction so many reasons for T. . With out background of the t can't really give any useful tips..
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      its from noise exposure - concert
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      It is likely that anxiety and your focus on the sound that is making it seem louder. The ringing may well go away in a few months if you do not subject yourself to additional noise trauma; in most people the ringing fades. However if you have been accumulating hearing damage over many years, and continue to do so, you may develop chronic tinnitus. Your auditory and neurological systems are sending you a warning. HEED THIS WARNING! Also be aware that there are drug trials testing new treatments for recent onset (< 3 or 12 months) cases. You should see an ENT. Also a good therapist if you are feeling upset.
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      not sure
      The trade mark of new case of T is in its unpredictability and instability. That is why it alarms the newer sufferers so much. There will be period of spikes and there will be period of increased perception or monitoring of T due to its alien and new nature. The body armor of self defense is in high alert for this alien intruder of a sound. This defense system is deciding whether this is a threat or not. If it considers a threat, then the limbic system may kick in while you will function in flight or fight mode. In this mode all your senses will be heightened to alert you of immediate danger, and with increased stress to the body your T will be perceived increasing or worsening. If the db of the T is measured, it may not have increased but the sharpness of the senses may increase and your focus on T is intensified. The negative reactions to this condition can bring all the emotional sufferings, such as anxiety, stress, panic, depression and sleeplessness. That is why the early phase of T always bring the most suffering.

      It is therefore prudent to try to relax, try to focus away from T, get some help such as meds, masking, or alternate treatments such as CBT or TRT. I don't know if any one is offering these treatments here in Vancouver. You may want to check with audiologists if they know of any one. But in the mean time, you can get some self help CBT starting with reading up on Dr. Nagler's "Letter to a Tinnitus Sufferer".

      You may want to read up all the success stories to know that many people do get well after T. Dr. Hubbard is also specialized in CBT and he has posted his own success story. So check the success stories out in the Success Stories Forum.
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      Loud gig/year of loud headphone usage.
      Relax dude, just don't be in very loud places and most importantly don't think about it.
      Trust me I have only had mine for 1 and a half months and it has gone from a loud ring to loud static to mid static to what is now extremely low barely noticeable air sound that isn't even annoying in the least.
      I don't have a history of damage to my ears noise wise, no concerts or gigs or discos or anything, there is a really good chance that it will fade as it does for a good amount of people who get it from concerts especially if this is the first time you have it.
      For some it's a day a week a month for some even a year but it'll probably go away.
      Mine changes as I notice it when I focus on it it starts being loud when I'm playing games or something I can't even hear it.
      Just relax do the stuff you like and keep your mind relaxed.
      Also try and not search anything on the internet also while this forum is quite supportive and has helped me in a big way I don't recommend spending too much time here as most people who post online are bothered by their Tinnitus, millions of people have it (most of them from random reasons don't get scared that yours won't go) and you don't see millions of people on this forum do you? :)
      Keep cool and rest assured you have a good chance of it going away.
      Might go tomorrow or the next month or even next year.
      Even if it is probably temporary try and accept it, don't think about it and you will see it get lower and lower until it's just some sound you hear that doesn't interest you in the least bit.
      If you're having troubles talk to someone, train, rant if you like I find a good rant really makes me feel better.
      If you have any more questions just ask lots of people here have gone through what you have including me and almost all of the people here have had theirs go low and or have habituated to it and are no longer even bothered enough to listen for it.
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      acoustic trauma
      Acoustic Trauma: You need medical treatment. Go to ENT. 3 weeks are too late for prednisone, but try it. And for sure: take NAC(600mg 3x per day)
      and you need vitamines: A, E, C, zinc, magnesium.

      Habituation is naturall process of most of us, but trust for effective treatment in near future. Aut00063, Am-101 is coming soon.

      And from now - protect your ears forever.

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