Going Back to ENT... Ear Itching Along with Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by luckyman316, Jun 16, 2014.

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      There SURELY has t be something going on in my ears. 2 ENTs have found nothing, but the past few weeks, it has felt like something was rubbing on the inside of my ear and the itching has happened inside my ears. I'm going there, asking him what the story is (He'll find nothing I am sure) and will ask if he can clean them out or if it's a fungal infection, to give me drops. Wish me luck! I'm still worried that the tinnitus is come from something in my head too, so I may see what I can do about getting it checked out if all this does not subside a few weeks after the next visit.
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      It happens to me too.. my ent said probably mucus dried up inside cause of etd..
      Try steaming it will help dissove it (hope fully)..
      I get slight pain when exposed to cold winds or air conditioning is very cold..
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      I have the same thing and in April, my left ear cloggued up due to my ET being filled with fluid.

      I do feel pressure in between my mouth and the ear where the ET is...
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      Ohh, steaming it. Let me try that.

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