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      Hi everyone! I'm 53, female, a nurse. And pretty healthy. I live in Arkansas. I have had a very mild tinnitus for several years now, and have not thought much about it. Just in the last few weeks I have experienced a tremendous increase in volume.
      So I'm here to learn and hopefully find a little help. This is livable, although constant.
      But if I have another increase the scope of this one, it will begin to seriously affect my quality of life.
      Making a Drs appt. to rule out what I can this week.
      So far I see my risk , besides increasing age, to be TMJ, in the middle of having a two crowns replaced, love my morning coffee, and I occasionally scuba dive. Plus stress- plenty of it, but isn't that true for many?
      I'll be reading and asking questions.
      Oh, and I work in occupational health and now do hearing screening, so I'm learning this area of ear health.
      Ironic that my issues are presenting as I begin to do this testing.
      Thanks in advance for being here for others to learn from. Lynn
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      Welcome, Lynn. I am turning 53 in September as well. My T came on in April/1214 in my left ear. I have a multitude of sounds. In the onset, the rushing, ringing, hissing was very loud. It went down for a week, then spiked again with a movement to my head and right ear. I have a prescription for .25 mg of Xanax to take as needed. I have only taken 10 initially and haven't had any since. I do have a sound machine by my nightstand. I also take Melatonin (natural sleep aid) on the "louder" nights. I have been diagnosed with endolymphatic hydrops (form of Meneires). I have lately been doing fairly well after watching sodium, caffeine, and no alcohol. I take a diuretic each morning. Thankfully, I don't have vertigo...just get a little dizzy off and on.

      Lynn, I have found I have good days then a few bad days, then some more good days....back and forth....back and forth.

      I think with your situation, you will find that there are others here that have spikes off and on...they habituate to it eventually and it becomes a non issue. Keep positive, read posts and get some good ideas.

      I can attest that with the loudness of my T, I am somewhat getting a better handle on it.:)
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      July 1996
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      Bacterial virus
      Hi will learn more to this tinnitus,I certainly have since joining,lots to read in the threads ,I was amazed at what peoples here knew in regards to this condition,and problems along with it.I make notes on the tips they pass on,have good read if you've not done already,be interesting to see your views regarding this condition,look forward to your future postings.My hospital audiologist had tinnitus,so she had good understanding to people with this tinnitus,that helped me a lot in a roundabout way.Best wishes
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