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    1. Tom Cnyc

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      Warehouse event after years of enjoying music.
      It's early stages for me still. Just hit 3 months. To say I'm habituated would be nonsense. That said, I do have good, happy days. I think this is legitimately due to low symptoms levels on those days.

      I can't help but be mildly depressed by how often many of the "habituated" veterans are still on the forums daily, if not multiple times a day. Every time I read a success story I click to see that user's last active date and think the worst.

      If truly habituated, why stay? Maybe I still don't grasp what this term means.
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    2. Mentos

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      I think even if habituated people still miss silence and would prefer not to have T. I even don't know what full habituation means, I have days / hours when I am not bothered by my tinnitus and I can live my life, but I still have moments when it botheres me and I would definitely prefer to have silence instead of being habituated. So in my opinion being habituated means being able not to react emotionally or with anxiety to your T, even if you would definitely prefer not to have it.
    3. AlecP

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      Acoustic Trauma (I think)
      @Tom Cnyc I can safely say that I am 100% habituated - I haven't been active on TT for ages but drop back in every now and again to check on research news and such. In fairness, I've just today experienced a new sound in my right ear that I wanted to get some advice on but it doesn't bother me - just wanted some clarification as to what it is and what may have caused it.

      Just fyi, my path to habituation required a whole lot of acceptance with my situation and I've now reached a point where, even though my T is here to stay, I've embraced it as part of me and my life. Now I don't see it as alien sounds in my ears/head but simply something that I don't think about, like the hair growing on my head. It took me more than a year to get here with plenty of setbacks along the way, but each time I cared less and less and now my brain really just doesn't care at all :) Good luck
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      going for a rim shot on the snare drum.
      my uncle is 70 and has had it for 35 years...he tells me you just learn to adapt to it...i never knew he had it until i got mine. I am amazed at how well he has handled it. No websites and no drugs. I asked him if he wanted to try the whole residual inhibition type stuff i have been using and he had no desire to try it. Thats what i call habituated lol I feel like even when i get to that point i will still come on the forums to help out new members so that could possibly be why many of these guys are still active.
    5. Michael Leigh

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      April /1996
      @Tom Cnyc You raise an interesting point about "Habituation" and if one is truly habituated why do they visit tinnitus forums. I have had this condition for 20 years and habituated to it twice. The 2nd time took me 4 years to habituate. Habituation is different for everyone, but basically it means to live with tinnitus without it impacting too much on your life or stopping whatever you want to do. This doesn't mean you won't have down times; this is particularly relevant to those people that have variable tinnitus like me. From: complete silence to mild, moderate, severe and extremely severe. Some people habituate to a point where the tinnitus is near silent or moderate for most of the time.

      Why do people visit internet forums if they have habituated to their tinnitus? In my opinion, some people may think they have habituated but haven't so are still finding their way. I recently wrote a post: What is Reactive Tinnitus? . Some people may have habituated to their tinnitus but their hyperacusis hasn't been treated and therefore still acute, which can react to sounds causing spikes in the tinnitus. Some people like myself, have habituated to their tinnitus but want to try and help others as they were once helped because we know how distressing this condition can be.

      @DebInAustralia wrote two posts yesterday and I'm still thinking about them. She wrote to a person that is in a lot of distress with his tinnitus and wants to put an end to it all if you get my meaning. DebinAustralia wrote with so much understanding of his plight and at the same time showing him with time, and patience he will find a way through the turmoil that he's in. Life is problematic for everyone. If it were not for people like her and there are quite a few at tinnitus talk what would people do who are in distress?


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