HBOT, Cold, Pain, Increase in Tinnitus, Despair and Anxiety Hitting the Roof

Discussion in 'Support' started by Katarina, Dec 2, 2014.

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      Hello! I did everything wrong again. After seeing improvements in my tinnitus (with a 5 week treatment with Gingko Biloba and Cavinton), I experienced a slight worsening. So I decided to try HBOT again, since it helped me the last time I did it. On day 5, I started having a cold - could not breathe at night, but the doctor in charge told me that if I sprayed my nose and did not experience pain whilst in the oxygen chamber, it's safe to go ahead with the therapy. My cold got better within 3 days, but the day after my Friday session, I experienced a slight pain in my ear and a tinnitus worsening. I went to see the ENT specialist - no problem detected. On Monday, I went to see another doctor - again, no problem detected. The pain and increased tinnitus continued, so I waited it out for a week - having interrupted my HBOT - and then went to see the doctor again. He looked inside, saw nothing, but judging by my symptoms (slight pain, especially upon blowing my nose) and story, he diagnosed me with a Eustachian tube obstruction and prescribed a nasal spray and Clarinase. I started using both and added in, stupidly, the Valsava manouvre, which increased my pain somewhat and also my tinnitus (unless the increase is down to Clarinase, which I have found to be ototoxic, or my anxiety about it, which is frankly hitting the roof now. I am writing this at 3.40 am - unable to sleep for the tinnitus that is the worst it has ever been. I am so worried. Worried to go and see the doctors and be probed (and damaged) again. Worried to take Clarinase, which is said to be ototoxic. Worried to do nothing and see the pain and tinnitus escalating (as it has been). Worried that I will lose my marbles and do something stupid to escape the sound in my ear and the anxiety that comes along with it. I know you are not doctors, I know I should go and see one, but ... in desperation, I am pouring my pain and frustration here, because at this time of the night, there is noone I can cry with. I am so very tired of my ears playig up like this. And so so scared ...
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