Head/Jaw Injury Causing Tinnitus?

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      Dear Dr. Nagler-

      Thanks for your help on this one. Question on head trauma induced T.

      Recent hearing test with 0-10 DB measured hearing loss between 0-8000 htz. slight difference in hearing loss in right ear measured at -10 at 8000. mid 30's male. i hit right side of my head during a bad fall.

      Tinnitus has been getting milder and milder the past 6 months. T is only in the right ear. first 3 months absolute nightmare. what are chances from your experience of dealing with head injuries and tinnitus? will head injury induced tinnitus fade?
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      To the best of my knowledge the "rules" for tinnitus's fading are the same for tinnitus associated with head injury as they are for noise-induced tinnitus. Seems to me that the fact that you are doing so much better now than in the first three months is a very good sign indeed.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler
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