Hearing Problems from Strenuous Exercise — Could It Be a Fistula/Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lauren Morse, Dec 20, 2015.

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      First of all, has anyone experienced hearing loss and vestibular symptoms from strenuous exercise (I am quite aware that tinnitus can occur from it)?
      Also, does anyone here have either of these conditions where exercise or strain became an issue?

      So, for the story. Yesterday I went on a super long hike, 11 miles long and 2 ascensions of 1000 feet or higher. There was a half mile section where I had do some trekking through 2-3 feet of snow. Pretty hard work, but I've done more strenuous hiking not too long ago and pulled out fine. Anyway, coming back in the car, I realized my low frequency hearing was reduced, and things were muffled in general. I had the symptoms of my silent migraines come back (ear pain, mild vertigo, feeling like my head was gonna explode, hyperacusis, and a little confusion). So far, the hearing is still crap and I am struggling to understand people at a distance. Also still feel head pressure and mild nausea.
      Granted that there was very unlikely to be any noise exposure (except from high winds, perhaps, although I covered my ears then), I can only conclude that these symptoms came from my strenuous exercise and exhaustion. At least this helps to narrow down what is going on to one of 3 things:

      Perilymph fistulas (that have gone undetected by all the professionals I visited)
      Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts (which would explain the longstanding progressive problems)
      Microcirculation problems

      Again, does anyone have these conditions and care to share their experience? These are rather obscure conditions so I would think the more awareness the better!

      Thanks for help and support!
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      Hi Lauren!

      I responded to your other forum discussion, but wanted to respond here as well! After reading your list of symptoms after your hike I was surprised how similar our situations sound. I was experiencing most of those symptoms...but when I tried to exercise (or even if my heart started to beat a little faster after going up a flight or two of stairs), my symptoms would also worsen! I just had the PLF repair and am not fully recovered, so I can't tell you a success story just yet...but I would say that a PLF may be what is causing your discomfort...it's worth seriously looking into, in my opinion.

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