Hello Everybody, I Hope I Will Find Some Answers Here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Francois Rotger, Dec 25, 2019.

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      Hello, I'm 56 today and new to this forum.

      I've had tinnitus for about 10 years - sometimes it's ok and sometimes I'm going crazy.
      I noticed that doing the Valsalva helps for a few minutes, but nothing spectacular.
      No doctor has been really helping.
      I'm really hoping that someone, somewhere, has an idea, an answer!

      Happy Xmas from Paris (yes I'm French!)
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      not sure
      Merry Christmas and a warm welcome to the forum. To read about new, promising treatments or alternative treatments, you can browse those sections on the forum. In the success stories, you can learn about special techniques or methods which have helped. The most read story is 'Back to Silence' which has helped many members. The OP has had tinnitus for many years too and he came up with a simple method which has helped many people to get better. Even in this introduction, there is a thread on someone inventing a sound that has helped some members. So try to spend some time to browse and hopefully you find something helpful to you. Good luck. God bless.
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      Hi François,

      What have you done to find out your root cause?

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