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      loud music...history of anxiety/depression...earplugs idk
      Hey hows it going? Just thought I'd share my story and see if anybody had something to say. Roughly 3 weeks ago I awoke to my neighbors loud ass car so as usual I put my foam ear plugs in to enjoy my last hour of sleep b4 work... or so I thought. Not sure if I fell asleep or what but I the shortly noticed an odd sound of machinery coming from outside so I took my ear plugs out and started investigating. And while there was a sound coming from outside (I think) it was resonnating in my ear in an odd way. I switched rooms and it was still there so I knew something strange was happening. I then decided to get up cuz I couldn't sleep anyways. I turned the shower on and as soon as I did this that weird sound I heard came back. It is a medium tone and varries in loudness from one moment to the next.
      Next I went to work and noticed I was getting that sound from the computer fans art work. That medium tone switched to a low pulsing base like tone and then everything stopped for the rest of the day. That is until I went to bed I turned on a fan that I bought that day thinking It was the ear plugs that damaged my ears so mo more ear plugs. But the fan was causing me to hear the medium tone again. So what the hell is going on? With no external sounds I have no tinnitus/ tone but as soon as the heater or fridge kicks on there is a slight delay and then that tone starts up. I hear it all the time at work because of the fans. But I silence I hear nothing but the silence. Music doesn't produce it either. I went to Ent and had hearing test. No infection normal hearing. A slight dip at 4k in both ears but very slight.
      Of course the Ent says it will go away and wouldn't even order an MRI for me. Ironically he has two hearing aids with sever tinnitus due to mineirs disease so my problems were of no concern to him. I feel like my symptoms are strange and don't match up to general description of tinnitus. I'm a 28 year old man. Any thoughts?
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      Probably an ear infection or damage to the eardrums.
      Honestly it's probably just the things around you turning on. I don't know exactly what you mean because I don't experience it myself but that's my best guess. I have never heard of something like this before either. Definetly wierd. Anyways, whatever it is, I hope it goes away.

      Also, have a great day. :3

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