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      My name is Mike. I'm a silent reader here for many years. now, with the Lenire hype I'm joining the party.

      I got my tinnitus (a hiss I guess, the feeling you entering the room and the tv is on, just much louder) sometime in the 90's because of loud music. I started listen to music already as a child. When I got older I also went to concerts, festivals etc... It was a hard time when it began. How little did I knew back then... I didn't change much regarding listening to music etc. I was young. I tried the usual stuff we all tried back then, acupuncture etc... Sometime I got a little bit used to it although it got slightly worse over the years.

      Then in the summer of 2012 I woke up one morning with a 'beep' sound in my left ear. The beep sound was something I was always afraid of to happen to me. That beep stayed quite some time. But most badly my 'normal' tinnitus became louder, at least it felt like it. That was the time I started to feel the bittersweet taste of depression and anxiety. Went to a tinnitus clinic for 6 weeks, basically the TRT thing there.

      In 2015 we got a little baby girl who sometimes is the only thing that brings a little light in my gloomy world. Naive as you are I was hoping that a baby would turn my attention away from the tinnitus. Nope, not really.

      In the last weeks I developed some kind of low frequency tinnitus tone in addition to my usual tinnitus. That's kind of disturbing.

      So here I am, 44 years old (damn, living longer with tinnitus than without...) and knowing a combination of severe tinnitus (just did this tinnitus emotion test and score like 84 points or so...) and a midlife crisis is a real bad combination. Hopefully that Lenire thing will help somehow.

      Thanks for reading.
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