Hello Guys, I'm from India: Got Tinnitus from Loud Factory Job

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by divij, Oct 27, 2013.

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      Greatings from India!

      My name is Divij. I got tinnitus just about a month ago.
      I had it in my left ear but now I have it in both :(

      I was suffering from depression from 4 years before (because I didn't have any work).

      However a month ago I found work and was sent to factories where machines are assembled and there I was in rooms where you had to shout because the noise level was so loud you couldn't hear yourself speaking.

      I think that's what caused my tinnitus :(

      I think I might be past the stage of my tinnitus where I feel like killing myself...
      Sadly I'm a very intellectual person who likes to sit quietly and ponder about things and that's the worst thing, now I can't do that.

      I'm only 26 y/o so I need to get married, progress in my job etc. etc.

      I don't know how I'm going to do that because we don't have support groups etc. in India.
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    2. Riikka

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      You said there are no support groups in India, but now you have found your support group online, I think it will help you. Many helpful things have also been written on Tinnitus Talk, so I think it will help you to read how other people deal with tinnitus and what they have found helpful.

      I think it is important now that you keep protecting your ears from too much noise, for example at work or in the streets. If they don't have earplugs or muffs at your work, then it would be best for you to purchase them yourself.

      I also regret not being able to sit down in the quiet to think or read something. But I have found nature sounds help me. When I'm reading, I often listen to birds singing or a river through my mp3 player at the same time.

      I don't think tinnitus should have much influence on you getting married or progressing in the job... you might consider looking for a job in a more quiet work environment though, as that might be easier for your ears. Things will improve with time. When I first got tinnitus, I was only able to concentrate on work for maybe 3 hours a day. In my last (office) job though, I was reading and writing demanding documents for nearly 8 hours a day and I managed to do that. The only thing, I sometimes feel a bit more tired/stressed than people without tinnitus.
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    3. christine kauhane

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      june 9th 2013
      Aloha, sorry to hear about your tinnitus, you found the right place... everyone here has a story and good advice, you will be fine... just keep coming..
    4. Amelia

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      You have found the right place for support @divij.

      Don't let tinnitus beat you! There is no reason to think you can't get married, progress in your job etc.

      You are still quite early in your journey - there is nothing to say it won't go away or at least get better :)
    5. AUTHOR

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      Thank you for your kind words everyone!!! :)
    6. AUTHOR

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      I have had tinnitus for over 5 years. Posted about it on this very forum. I was getting habituated to it and it was not even a problem... until around 2 weeks ago.

      I couldn't hear my tinnitus during the day even if I tried. However, 3-4 days ago, the loudness of my tinnitus went up to the point I could. I said, no problem. Then on the very next day, I got some dampness of hearing and now I am stuck with a new type of sound, it's a hum, rather than a buzz which I have always had and this is unmistakable, quite frankly other than when I sleep for some reason, maybe my A/C. And the very next day, I got a condition I can't explain... it's maybe hyperacusis. I can't listen to normal people speak, though I can listen to sounds coming from my headphones. Also, whenever someone speaks, there is another sound in my left ear which is a muted replica of what they are speaking, so it's as though I am hearing them twice, though it's simultaneous.

      This is a real bummer and I am losing my will to live :(
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    7. Michael Leigh

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      Noise induced
      HI @divij

      I understand how you feel because I have been where you are at the moment. Hopefully you will start to feel better with time.

      It is important to know what has caused your tinnitus to increase since you habituated for quite a long time. I have read a few of your early posts to this forum and agree with your comments in 2013, that the cause of the tinnitus was using headphones for many hours and working in a noisy environment. Therefore, you have Noise induced tinnitus.

      Exposure to loud noise is the most common cause of tinnitus. Typically, it is caused by using headphones, earbuds, headset. Working in a noisy environment and being exposed to other types of loud noise. If you have been using headphones since you've habituated even at low volumes, most certainly this is the reason your tinnitus has increased. If the place where you work is still noisy as described in your 2013 posts, this would have contributed to the increase in tinnitus.

      Providing there is no underlying medical problem within your auditory system that's responsible for the increase in tinnitus, then I'm fairly confident to say that it's headphones if you've been using them or exposure to loud sounds that is responsible for the tinnitus becoming louder. So what can you do about this? Talk to your GP/doctor and explain how you feel. If the tinnitus doesn't quieten down get a referral to ENT for tests.

      Please click on the links below and read my posts. There is a lot to read so take your time. My advice is not to use headphones even at low volume. This includes earbuds and headset. In-fact, I suggest that you never use headphones again. Start using low level sound enrichment, more about this is explained in the links below.

      Take care and hope you start to feel better soon.


    8. GoatSheep

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      The muted replica you mentioned sounds like diplacusis:

      Diplacusis: Understanding Double Hearing

      If you feel you had sudden hearing loss, you should try to get in with an ENT right away to see if they will try an intratympanic steroid injection.

      I would also recommend not using headphones right now. Especially since you believe you may have hyperacusis. It could exacerbate the situation.

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