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      hearing lose and maybe medical
      Hi I am new here thought I would join this forum. I am at the point were I just want to give up on life cause I can't deal with the noises anymore. I started in 2010 and was mild. Now it is getting worse it is so loud that I can't live a happy life anymore, I am always miserable. The noises so loud nothing masks them anymore specially when it comes to sleep. I take a anxiety pill to help me eventually fall asleep. My left ear has like grinding electircal noises 24/7 and now my right ear has just started up a few months ago. And it has like a swooshing heartbeat noise. Nothing worse than both ears making different noises. Does anyone have any suggestion what I can do to cope with this.
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      Meniere's Disease
      A warm welcome to Tinnitus Talk @Lori H,
      If you haven't already I would see ENT and get some tests done and a MRI and ultrasound etc.
      Tinnitus can be hard to cope with and also the unwanted emotions that come with it.

      Getting enough sleep is important and medication can help along with sound therapy playing through the night set below your tinnitus sound .
      Your brain will push through your tinnitus sound to pick up the lower sound you have chosen and learn your brain to filter out your tinnitus sound.

      For pulsitile tinnitus ,white noise generators can help or hearing aids and for some medication to lower the pulse .
      See your doctor and tell him how you are feeling and have some tests done to rule out other problems.
      Keep posting on the main forums for support around the clock...lots of love glynis

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