Hello, I Have Screaming Worn Disc Brakes in My Head

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      When it started I am not really sure last year the year before all I can say is it got louder, that noise in my ears or is it in my head. It's like stereo perfectly balance so that it sounds like it is in the rear center of my skull just inside the fleshy part before you hit bone, just above the lump on the middle rear portion of the skull. Some days it is a quiet like peepers in the distance some days it builds to a crescendo so loud and so annoying I have hit my head against the wall to feel something else. The funny part is I welcomed it at first because it was a distraction from the other chronic pain I have.

      Since they are off topic I touch this pain lightly: low back nerves affected to the left large toe when my L4-L5 exploded disc pushed a 2cm x 8cm piece of meniscus into my spinal cord leaving half of my left leg and foot numb for ~ eighteen years now, upper back radiating out into shoulders and down into the two middle finger tips mostly right side, exacerbated with mouse use with my right hand; the left side has been opened three times in my life, the right side- once. The lower back was opened once in 1997 once is enough. The left knee in 2006 and it has been 95% to 99%, I called this a success. My groin is another story altogether. My groin left side feels like it lassos my left thigh with a wire garrote and inflicts pain on a whim. For the right not as intense and doesn't affect my leg like the left. I was launched into the air at a ripe old age of 18 to a height of some say twenty feet and twenty feet from my original standing position, I would say that was a perfect launch with a slope of 'one' by my own coal shovel leaning up against the skiff. I was strong so as I was heaving a 200 lb. piece of melted iron, pig iron, slag, coal and coke into my skiff bucket when the slag broke and instead of landing in the skiff it landed on the handle of my shovel, the shovel split me appropriately and directly between the legs. Double hernia operation and eight weeks standing on the core line then I returned to my previous job assignment. 1984-5 working at Rockwell on the B1B kind of stealth Bomber and I was working out in the gym while benching 200lbs I popped a groin muscle. A doctor repaired it in 2006 because I could not go any further, this time they used Bard Kunal Nagle mesh plug, the same material they use for the pelvic sling. I started having excruciating pain so they opened me up in 2008 found nothing wrong except the mesh had hardened and was impossible to untangle it from the nerves traversing my body from the spine to the toes on the left side.

      Well that is the other stuff what has got a hold of me in addition are the cicadas in my head that was alleviated for about a month with Lipoflavanoid. sometimes it is so loud I wonder why others can't hear it. I want beat my head against the wall until it stops or stops me. When I am stressed from caring for my disabled 36 year old son he was born with CP and requires 24 hour care, when I am stressed by my wife who starts the speech about what she has done while I have been sleeping or I have been sitting on the couch doing nothing the one that makes me wish I were dead, strange thing I am not afraid to die, I am ready to die, but my family needs me so I am going to stick around for a while.

      That's me, any questions?
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT Ricky. You obviously have gone through a lot in your life, pain and stress plus the high pitch T. That you can put up with all that and continue to battle with life to care for your loved ones is admiring. Your dedication to your disabled son is inspiring. I also had a son but I lost him in a freak accident when he was a loving, innocent 5 years old. I suffered years of PTSD with anxiety and panic disorder as well as guilt. Then ultra high pitch T plus severe hyperacusis hit me a few years back, causing immense sufferings. I never thought I could survive the sufferings and have my good life back. But today I live a normal and enjoyable life, even with my T blasting most mornings with its highest pitch.I don't know much more to help you with your pains in life. The only thing I can do is to encourage you to soldier on for your loved ones and to share my experience with my story. I hope you can read it and find something that can help you cope. Also try to relax and remain positive despite the hardship and sufferings. Life still has its beauty when we look beyond the darkness. You take great care & may God look after you and your son.


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