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      Thanks for starting and keeping up this forum site.
      On the one hand, it's a bit frightening is that this is such a bad problem that there exists such a forum- I was surprised. However, on the other hand all your posts are very encouraging and helpful.

      I have had it for as long as I can remember. I don't know why. my earliest memory was at nine and I remember thinking that was the "sound of silence," having not yet fully understood the Simon and Garfunkel song lol

      As I grew, I realized not everyone has that sound, & I guess I naturally habituated. it does come and go and I had a period in my life when an ENT dx'd me with auditory tube disorder because of a very low roaring symptom I experienced. at the time, I was studying audiology so I feared I was going deaf. Thankfully that roaring left me. I have not since experienced it.

      Recently though, I was taking a bath like some of you here water must have stuck in my ears and since then I had what I see is called a "spike." it's only been a few days and I have been able to mask it for the most part but I still feel somewhat stuffed up. your encouraging words have made me feel that I can cope with it, and have also made me feel that I am NOT exaggerating its stressful mental effect.

      it is a bizarre thing. Because I think to myself, what is this really? It's not a pain, it's not disfiguring, but it IS maddening. it was reassuring actually to see from someone's post hear that there is even such a thing as sound torture- so again, I don't feel like a baby about it. because part of me is critically feeling I should just be able to deal with it and not complain because people suffer much worse things in their lives. Thankfully I don't think it's what would be considered severe. And my empathy goes out to those of you that suffer the H and severe T and other things as well.

      So just a thank you very much here and my good wishes to everyone and positive thoughts and energy to everyone here.
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      Oh, by the way, the "Don't Panic" button doesn't show up.
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      Hey @Late Hippy and Welcome to TT !

      Thank you for your positive and encouraging post.. I really wish for your spike to go away soon..

      It is a great community this Forum, I am always looking up to the new research threads and waiting for some breakthrough to come around... And in the meantime support and get supported as much as I can..

      Love your nickname... :)

      Take care !!

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