Hello! Tinnitus Started for No Reason While I Was Just Standing in My Room

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Eternalhope, Feb 28, 2021.

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      Hi everyone.

      My tinnitus started 1 month ago to the day. My left ear started ringing for no reason whatsoever while I was just standing in my room. It has never stopped. Now, the ringing / highest frequency pitch is in both ears.

      It sucks terribly, but apparently I have no choice than to learn to live with it and go on with my life.

      I've been lurking here for a few weeks, and have read many posts from you great people. Looking forward to chatting with everyone, and hopefully finding a way to best deal with this nonsense in the coming weeks/months.
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      Meniere's Disease

      Nice to see you on here and built up courage to post for support.

      Try rule out basic things,Ear wax,ear infections,Allergies, blocked sinuses, grinding teeth,medication and Anxiety to rule a few things out.

      love Glynis
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      Noise induced
      Although tinnitus can appear for no reason, more often something usually causes it. Either an underlying medical problem within your auditory system, stress or exposure to loud noise. The condition is typically brought on by regularly listening to audio through headphones, earbuds or headsets at high volume levels. What some people consider to be low volume may not be the case and can cause it too. Other types of loud noise could be at a place of work, going to venues where loud music is played: clubs, concerts. Listening to loud music in the car or at home through speakers.

      Once exposure to loud noise is ruled out and the tinnitus is not caused by headphone, earbud or headset use. Other causes could be: hearing loss, build up of earwax, stress and some medications. These are just some of the common causes and will give you something to think about and see, whether any of them resonates with you.

      Please click on the links below and read my articles: New to Tinnitus, What to Do? & Tinnitus, A Personal View.

      All the best

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