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Discussion in 'Support' started by Leo1994, Apr 18, 2015.

    1. Leo1994

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      Iv had tinnitus for over 10 years.

      Today, out of the blue, i got abit Dizzy, wich subsided after 2 mins. After that, my tinnitus got extremly loud on my left ear. Is so loud and im also feeling like i might have lost abit hearing. Im not sure about the hearing loss, but the tinnitus is crazy loud and I dont know if i can live with this loud tinnitus, Its been 3 hours now and im going insane...

      The only meds iv been taking is cetirizine. I Think it might be ototoxic now when i search abit over the web.

      I dont know what to do, is ototxic damage reversible??
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    2. Beth

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      Leo, hang in there and try not to panic. You're probably panicking already but it will not help. As difficult as it is (and I know how difficult because I've been there) sit or lie down and take some slow deep breaths and STOP thinking how awful it is. Your thoughts drive your anxiety. It took me a long time to accept that I was making things worse when that happened to me by reacting so strongly. It will more than likely go back to base level but at the moment, if all your thoughts are negative you are fuelling your panic and anxiety and making things worse. Have you got a CD you could listen to (obviously not too loud) that would help block out the sound or have you got white noise generators?

      A few years ago when it happened to me I was retching with fear and couldn't stop, to the point where I was hardly breathing. My husband was driving me to the hospital A&E when we saw an injured dog by the side of the motorway. He was driving past when I asked him to stop......we took the dog to the vets and it was badly injured but lived to be OK. There was a lot of hassle involved getting the frightened dog in the car etc but the point I'm making is that while all that was happening I totally forgot about the tinnitus so we went home. I began to realize at that point that my brain COULD switch off from the sound however loud it was and the next time it happened I still got very distressed but it got easier each time and the volume always went back to its usual level.

      I do hope you can deal with this episode and I wish you well, my thoughts are with you as I know how you feel. You're not alone, lots of people on TT will have been where you are. X
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      Leo1994: I'm sorry of your pain. Many of us on the forum are in the same boat & you have come to the right place for support and hopefully gain some insight. Vertigo is a separate entity from T, so the combo could be a number of factors. 10 yrs is a long time :arghh: I cannot imagine... Anxiety does not increase mine, as it does for some, as everyone's T has developed for a variety of reasons/triggers. Cetirizine is an over-counter allergy medication such as Zyrtec. For some, the drowsiness effect "calms" others, but does nothing for the T. I have not read it being ototoxic so far. Further input about yourself would be helpful if you don't mind sharing?
      1. Have you ever been checked for menieres disease of the ear? (Vertigo is abnormal imbalance of inner ear).
      2. Do you have hearing-loss?
      3. Migraines?
      4. Sinus issues?
      5. Any other health issues (e.g. high blood pressure, intracranial pressure etc?) Car accident?
    4. Carlo

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      You should go immediately to the emergency room and check if you got a sudden hearing loss. It's reversible if you receive medical treatment in due time
    5. ruben ruiz

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      I believe it was meds and stress
      Im with you Leo. Watch your diet, no spices or sugar and salt . You maybe should go to the Emergency.
      You might need some stronger meds. Were all with you. Lay down with your feet draped over a pillow
      and breath into upper and then lower.
    6. gary

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      Leo, please don't let it get to you. I have had time like that also, remember it will pass. if you have any benzos to calm you down take one of those, if then as others said go to ER and tell them what is going on and you need someting to calm down. Get a driver if you can, this way you have a better chance of getting something strong if they know you are not driving..

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