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Discussion in 'Support' started by Mindphaser, Dec 29, 2015.

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      Had a pretty bad sudden unexplained increase in my "high pitched whine" T in June that persisted for months, including a new "oscillating/fade in-out" overtone in just my left ear that was driving me NUTS. To the point of mild suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, the works.

      Today, I am almost 100% better, many days I feel like I did before June. Tones are quieter to the point they don't bother me MOST of the time, even when its quiet, and sometimes I don't even hear the "high pitch oscillating" tone anymore, just the easier to deal with constant one. Not only that but my depression, disassociation, anxiety and phobias are gone on top of it all. A colossal improvement. There is hope!! Here's all I did:

      New pills that I'm convinced helped:
      Niacin 250mg extended release taken once at night.
      Lithium Orotate taken 2x daily (total of 240mg/day)
      St Johns Wort taken 3x daily (total of about 900mg per day)

      New habits:
      30 minutes exercise daily was added to my routine (2 miles on treadmill)
      Lost 7 pounds.
      Improved blood pressure SLIGHTLY from 140/90 to 125/80 or so.
      Improved my HBA1C from 7.1 to 6.4. (I'm diabetic).

      I still take melatonin nightly and Unisoms occasionally to help me sleep and they work well too.

      Hope this helps someone else!!!!!
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      not sure
      Welcome and thank you for your positive message of hope to the newer, struggling members. They need nice reassuring message like yours to give them glimpses of hope while they are still in the trenches. Congrats to your success.
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      @Mindphaser is your tinnitus still gone? Im having oscillating high pitch noises that come and go frequently throughout the day and I'm thinking it's from inflammation either from TMJ or Eustachian tube OR both.

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