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      Wow, what a life changer! Just a month ago I never thought I'd be in a situation like this, and then, the world changes.

      I first noticed my tinnitus early 2012. I thought it was the computer or another sound in the house. I kept going to the gym, exercising with my mp3 player blasting in the my ears, never thought anything about it. Over the last month, it's gotten worse (or I've noticed it more). Needless to say my days of going to the gym with my mp3 player are long gone. These past 4 weeks have been some of the longest in my life.

      I've been on the internet looking 24/7 for stuff to alleviate my condition and other information regarding tinnitus. There's so much out there (eg. eliminate ototoxic drugs, aspartame, MSG/trying sleeping differently, acupuncture, etc. and the list goes on). It really makes your headspin.

      Thankfully, my tinnitus is a high-pitch ringing in my left ear (maybe a little in my right) which I can mask with sounds (thank you - rainymood.com). Plus, I see people wear tinnitus maskers that sometimes work. My ENT gave me some medicine and if that doesn't help I'll try the masker. It's the anxiety that's been eating me up this last month. Will it get worse? What sets it off? What if I can't control it? What will I do for a job if I have to leave my present job? Enough to make you mad.

      I've been on anti-depressants (lexapro - SSRIs) for awhile (since 2006) and though I don't think they cause tinnitus I'm still suspicious of them (I'm suspicious of everything nowadays!). My doctor recommended ambien to sleep but I hear that is ototoxic and can cause T to get worse. I'm thinking of switching to melatonin. Xanax is another one he prescribed for the anxiety. Though, if anyone has another suggestion to what may work better (or possibly be non-ototoxic), please let me know.

      I gotta say the one thing that has given me hope is seeing boards like this and knowing that there are people out there with the same problem. It's comforting to see people exchanging ideas and seeing what works for them.

      I look forward to chatting with you.
      Allan Trudeau
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      It might, it might not.

      If it's chronic subjective tinnitus from hearing damage, it should be constant.

      It's something that can't really be controlled, just coped with. T can fade with time or get worse; it's all up to your brain.

      What is it you do? I suggest downloading a sound pressure application on your iPad/iPhone and measuring your work environment. If the environment is above 80dB, wear ear plugs. We can talk later when you figure out how loud your work environment is.

      I take a low 25mg of APO-AMITRIPTYLINE to sooth my body. I've been taking it for years before my tinnitus, so I'm confident it had little effect on it. Honestly, all drugs are claimed to be ototoxic if researched hard enough. Xanax to me seems like a long-term commitment drug. Once you are on it, you pretty much have to keep with it.

      I'm a "let them walk a mile in my sh*t" kinda guy.
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      Hey t-man,

      Thanks for the advice! I believe my T to be chronic subjective tinnitus as its been pretty constant since I got it but that's just my novice opinion. At times it seems like it's getting louder but I'm not sure if that's my brain playing tricks on me thinking that it's louder than it really is or if it really is louder. Since I'm in the early stages of dealing with it and my anxiety is really high, I'd have to go with the former. I've been trying to mellow but easier said than done.

      Maybe this is the wrong thread for it but have you tried T maskers? If so, were they successful?
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      Honestly, your tinnitus is as bad as the mood you're in. If you are in no mood to tolerate it, then it will be worse.

      As far as maskers go, I use an ordinary fan. It is quite essential for me when sleeping.

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