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      Hi I am new to this thread. I have joined to help out fellow people that are experiencing these symptoms as I am. With proper treatment and care I have been getting relief from tinnitus in my right ear. I believe it started from military training in the gun range(1991) but I won't base that as the culprit. It all started from a minor ear infection I received from swimming in the ocean near subic bay. Yes I was in the army stationed there as well. I am now back in the US as a data base admin raising a family. With the lack of medical needs the minor turned into major. I believe I have permanent ear damage or an ear symptom with lead to permanent tinnitus. I have been using piracetam to treat this symptom and so far it has been the most effective treatment yet. SWIM has a dad who recommended this substance to me. He used it for cognitive impairment and it was from mental aging. I then looked into it and did extensive research and found out that it has helped and treated patients with acute tinnitus. Nice to meet everyone and I hope I get a chance to talk to all of you.
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      Hey, and welcome.

      No offense, but you could just have mentioned upfront that you run, or are linked to, a company that sells piracetam online.

      Instead of injecting keyword URLs ("piracetam") into all of your posts.

      So if I were more of a pessimist, I'd say you joined Tinnitus Talk to advertise your online business. Our little forum is such a little one though in terms of Google (PR etc.), that the site you linked to probably wouldn't have gotten any benefits from keyword linking anyhow.

      Anyway, to be consistent and fair to all now and in the future, I removed those keyword URLs from your posts.

      We don't have any strict rules for linking to online stores, businesses, etc. I'd say organic linking is more than welcome. But it's a bit different case if someone registers, then all of the their posts are somehow related to a certain product, have keyword URLs, and have a feeling of product and/or business marketing.

      I guess you see my point here?

      There are so many snake oil products and Tinnitus sufferers are very susceptible to all kinds of shams (which piracetam is not). And besides, that isn't even the point why I removed the URLs from your posts, it has more to do with the facts that I wrote above.

      Speaking of Piracetam, I have tried that one too for a good few months. I actually tried it quite soon after my tinnitus started. Didn't have noticeable effect whatsoever. But I do agree that there are some studies with positive results. Not very big studies though... Still, besides myself, I have read and heard people trying piracetam and some of them have gotten somewhat positive results. No miracles, but alleviating the (perception of) volume etc...

      Piracetam itself as a drug is pretty safe, so I had no problems trying it out. There is a lot of info on the web about it, googling for example "piracetam tinnitus" could be wise for those, who want to find out more.
      Quite a few have used piracetam as a "smart drug" also, for studying etc. It is said to have nootropic effects.

      Everyone should remember this though: It is very possible that piracetam doesn't alleviate your tinnitus. But since it is a legal substance and available without prescription at least in the United States, there might be no harm trying it out. I would make sure first though that you don't have any kind of condition that contraindicates the use of piracetam, and asking your doctor first.

      And last but not least, I hope you, Jjammem, are not offended that I removed those URLs from your post (I also edited the title of the Piracetam thread, because the words "definitive treatment" sounded too strong). You do seem to have put more effort in your profile & posts than most run-of-the-mill spammers & marketers usually do. So I guess there's a possibility that you genuinely wanted to help out fellow tinnitus sufferers, providing them with an online store that sells piracetam. I do know that most brick-and-mortar stores do not sell piracetam in the USA. Yes: I'm not American, so I'm not quite sure why it's so scarcely available. I only know from other forums that buying piracetam online isn't illegal in the USA... Then again, piracetam isn't that easily available online either. From what I remember, only a handful sell piracetam online, even though it is quite popular among those who use nootropics.

      But this piracetam discussion should go to another thread and not here on Introduce Yourself. So if anyone wants to comment on piracetam, its efficacy or such, go here: https://www.tinnitustalk.com/threads/piracetam-for-the-treatment-of-acute-tinnitus.198/

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