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      Hi everyone, got here through a Facebook ad! Very targeted advertising right there!

      I am 21, in my 3rd and final year at Loughborough Uni. I got my Tinnitus in my 1st year at the student bar when someone screeeeamed in my ear!

      It was a bit of a shock and a worry at first, but to be honest I don't let it affect me that much. I just consider it a part of me and have just adapted my life accordingly, listen to more music, when im bed for example! I was never a fan of silence anyway!

      My only concern is that one day it will start to bother me more or get worse! I don't help myself by going to loud nightclubs 2 or 3 times a week!

      Its interesting reading how everyone deals with it and to be honest sharing always helps - so I might just stick around!

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      Oh, I got a free ad voucher so I put it in use :) It's really targeted yeah, scary how precisely you can do the targeting. But I guess it's one of those win-win situations.

      You aren't the first I've heard got tinnitus from someone screaming in someone's ear. Of course if alcohol had a play in that situation, then a poor judgment call might be expected. And really, before getting T myself, I wouldn't even have thought it could be possible getting permanently ringing ears just by someone screaming in the ear. I myself didn't get it that way, but yep, some peeps have.

      Has your uni studies been affected by the tinnitus? Can you concentrate and study well in libraries for example, or do you have some sort of headphones with masking track available or how do you cope in those study sessions?

      Welcome aboard!

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