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      Hi im Lisa and am sp pleased to find a forum with fellow T suffers, other people who understand. Ive had constant tinitus for about 3yrs, i went to my gp who referred me 4 brain retraining however i never got far enough to have that happen. My ENT consultant wanted to find out why I had it first so i had an mri 2 yrs ago and it came bach that i had an accoustic neuroma, that has now been removed but the tinnitus is louder than ever, maybe it doesnt help that im now deaf in that ear but its driving me crazy. family and friends are good but they really dont understand how it feels to have this.

      Lisa xxxxx
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      It's interesting that if someone wishes to cut the hearing nerve, the tinnitus can still remain. I'm not sure of the percentages, but if my memory serves, it's actually quite likely for tinnitus to remain after that.

      And if someone has little hearing left, the tinnitus can seem louder since environmental sounds and noise doesn't help anymore that much to mask the tinnitus noise.

      You are also correct that no one except the people who have experienced this first hand, can understand.

      Hope you find our site useful! All the best to you.


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