Hi Everyone. I'm Steve. I'm New on Here. Suffering for About Three Years Now.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Steve M, Oct 30, 2015.

    1. Steve M

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      This ailment is a pain in the ars! Or ears. I guess we're all desperate, but is there really some hope?
    2. joseph Ghass

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      Instead of hoping, change something in you diet, exercise more, etc to recover faster.
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    3. AUTHOR
      Steve M

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      I would change my diet , but I think it is pretty good as is. I believe my T is caused by 20 yrs of loud machinery with no ear protection. However my hearing is still very very good! Does anyone have any opinion of the on line cure ( Tinnitus Miricale Cure) I think it's an online book, only $40 but I'm guessing it could be Bull, but great testimonials!!! I might try it out of desperation . It's very loud today :(
      Have a great Quiet weekend every one
    4. DebF

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      Hi Steve,
      I've had T with Pulsative T in my left ear since 1990!
      There have been spikes and reductions over the years, but a pretty consistent ring. I found it gets louder if I concentrate on it. Conversely, if I try not to hear it, and not let it "get to me", it's not so bad.
      Mine intensifies when laying down...not good at night. I take Ambien to knock myself out faster as I can get angry listening to it. Sometimes putting a fan on, only makes it louder. Prayer helps me calm down. Welcome!
    5. Michael Leigh

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      April /1996
      Hi Steve. See your GP and get a referral to ENT, so tests can be carried out on your auditory system.
    6. dboy

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      1/2007 & 8/2013
      It is generally considered a scam. It certainly isn't a miracle, since there is no cure on offer. I think there is probably some information in it, but nothing you won't find from browsing around this forum for a while. I'd avoid it since they clearly hype up what they can provide, which implies preying on the vulnerable... which is kind of unethical. ;)
    7. sorryforusall

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      loud noise
      Look into lipoflavanoids. Ive been taking them for 3 1\2 months and the tinnitus has subsided quite a bit. They are not cheap but they do have a money back guarantee.

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