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      Found this forum and thought I would come say hello. I got tinnitus on June 28th, 2012. It actually began with a strange rumbling sound that I later realized was hearing distortion of certain bass sounds. This appeared after an extremely stressful event. That evening I woke up with my head roaring so loud I had an immediate panic attack. The tinnitus was so loud that I could barely hear people's voices over it. The hearing distortion that accompanies it drives me crazy.

      My tinnitus comes in cycles. I have a bad day, followed by a few normal, quiet days. I had a hearing test (normal in my hearing ear, I have been deaf in my left ear since childhood) and an MRI, all normal.

      Last night I just had the worst spike of my life. I am still shaky, as the sound woke me up from a dead sleep and scared me nearly to death. It roared all night, but today it is much quieter. I wish I knew what caused this.

      Anyway...nice to meet you all.
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      Welcome to TT Ankie. I'm sorry to hear you have a tinnitus problem.

      Does your tinnitus come and go? Are both ears affected? The deaf one too? Do you have any idea what might have caused your tinnitus in the first place?
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      My tinnitus does come and go, some day there is absolutely no tinnitus at all. I have been deaf in my left ear since I was a small child, so I can't really tell if both ears are affected. When I do have my tinnitus I do feel buzzing in my deaf ear so perhaps that means it is bilateral?

      I have no idea what caused my tinnitus. It came on after a very stressful time. My biggest fear is that I will lose my hearing entirely, since I am already deaf in one ear. I am hoping it is not Meniere's....

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