Hi, I Am New Here. Need to Hear More Success Stories.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Shyegra, Feb 22, 2016.

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      Bio Tuner. Unit that is suppose to calm the brain with frequency.

      Well, I have always had anxiety. But NEVER this. 4 months ago, I tried a relaxation device called a Bio Tuner. It was quite an amazing thing. I was so excited about all the people that healed there anxiety and depression by this thing I tried it. And 11 min later, ears started ringing. :(

      Each month the freqs change a bit. I went from 9800 hz and headaches, to now, 2100 with higher hissing on top. I also had the sensitive hearing... but that seems to have eased. But this last month I am starting to wonder if its changing anymore. Like all the newbies, I am scared, on all the vitamins, and trying to meditate with not a lot of success. I have met 3 friends of mine, all who had it and all who said it took like 6 months and it went away. Looking for more success stories.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. If you are looking for success stories, TT has lots to offer under 'Knowledge Base'. Yes, many members came here quite stressed out with T, and after receiving some advise and applying some strategies they learn, they gradually get better, and they write success stories to tell others that it is possible to recover from T. T may fade, disappear ot people get used to or habituate to the sound. So try to read as many success stories as you can. I list mine and the most-read success story below:

      My story:

      The most read success story ‘Back to Silence’ with a simple effective strategy by IWLM:
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      Noise induced, repeated exposure with loud headphones.
      Hi @Shyegra

      I've had tinnitus for 2-3 months now. I went through the full cycle of depression and worse, especially in the first month.

      My tinnitus is quieter now, but sometimes I do hear it the same volume. The big difference is that I really don't care about it any more. Sometimes I do think about it when I go to bed, but those thoughts aren't negative or mood affecting.

      The first month did feel like 6 months, a long and exhausting road. I am getting back on track now, there have been some leftover mental scars from the difficulty of those times, but I am almost back to 100% and possible even more!
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