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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by wertz, May 24, 2016.

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      tetanus shot
      Hi. i had hearing issues about 10 days ago. it started the morning after i got 2 kinds of tetanus shots from a cat bite and clindamycin. on top of that i also have medications for high blood pressure(telmisartan) and for my blood sugar(glimepiride and proglitazone and 2 metformins a day). my BP was 160/93 and Blood sugar was 284. the 1st day was unbearable, i noticed from the sounds around me that it was not normal. i was hearing harsh sounds out of my system and when i used my earphones, thats when i noticed im not hearing anything from my left ear, instead sounds come in as static-high pitched sounds, it keeps ringing especially when the sorrounding was so silent like during the night, so every night i just played Enya during sleep. i went back to my doctor the next day and can't pinpoint what caused it since the antibiotics-even it was noted it can cause this sometimes was only less than 500 mg/day. its probably the sudden decrease of blood pressure then since it was 124/81. so he said to observe it a few days it it improves or i might be refered to an ENT. so i waited a bit and gladly hearing is back. i could say it probably is back to normal but its just right now that i have tried using my earphones again so i really don't know when it really came back.

      I hope others having this issue will get better soon. its better to not think about it, not talk about it at all and just let the brain re-adjust to hearing what is suppose to be heard from the sorroundings.

      Thanks for this group.
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      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk Wertz.
      I have just read your story and glad you found Tinnitus Talk to get round the clock support with everyone who understands tinnitus and all the unwanted emotions that can come with it.
      Have a read around the forums and keep posting for support....lots of love glynis

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