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      Hi to all.
      I been suffering for T since the new year ... it just started randomly.
      I noticed it when I was in my room in silence and I heard in mi right ear something like crickets or a whisper like " Sssssssssssss". I don't took any importance to that sound in that moment ... the problem began when the sound didn't leftafter some days.
      I was worried, the sound don't go away. Then, around 1-2 weeks later the sound was there, but a new symptom began ... something like nausea and sense of puke ... but I don't vomited any time since now.
      I went to the ENT, he looked my ears and he found a plug of wax in mi right ear ... so he pulled out and cleaned my right ear.
      Thought that was the reason of my T and nausea ... but no. I returned to my house and the sound was there, but concidientally the nause left since that day ... until now.
      I'm not will say all my story here, but what I can say is I went to 4 ENT's for now and they can't explain why I have my T ... I tried vasodilators stugeron forte, Ginko ,oral prednisone and now I'm trying histaminics and a nasal spray Avamys for the mucus in my nose, but with not improvments at least for 2 weeks ...( Strangely, the mocus and nasal congestion appeared since the T, and then I'm congested now for like ... 3 months ? )

      And I'm here ... trying to know what is going on with my ears.
      They are creaking,covering and uncovering every time when I breath strong ... or i feel pressure sometimes ... it sucks. I did two test of audiometry and impedanciometry and they are perfect! No hearing lost!

      Thankfully, I can sleep without problems ... my T sound is in 2/10 range ... but now I can say I really miss the silence :cry:. I'm worried if this going to go away or I have to deal with this all my life ...
      I'm 19 years old and I don't knew about this symptom until I got it lol.
      The only can I say ... I'm not to give up, I will try everything!

      What you think ?

      Sorry for my bad English , I'm chilean.
      Regards to all!
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      not sure
      Welcome to the board. I think your T is quite mild if it is 2/10 and you have no trouble sleeping. Take that as a positive. Give it time. Your T is new so it may just fade. Keep living normally. Keep focusing on your goals in life. 19 is young, but there are some posters in the success stories forum who are under 19. Also, on page 15 of the Positivity Thread (in the Support Forum), I made 2 posts about a pretty young lady, Zoe Cartwright, who turned completely deaf at 15 with loud unmaskable T. She said her T was #&*^%! loud but she has learned to accept her young life with unmaskable T and move on to pursue her goals in life. She made it to university where she made a tinnitus short film. She said she loves her life despite the T which she says is just a slice of her life. Quite a positive attitude. Here is page 15 of the Positivity Thread with my post on her story.


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