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      So I've had T & H since May 2015, so only a couple months. I heard it through both of my ears not just one. I feel like I know all about T & H bc my older brother has had both T & H since 2012, I believe. I think I got it from an ear infection while also having the cold. When I hear super loud noises it spikes up and once I go to sleep the next morning it calms down. I try not to complain too much bc there are so many ppl out there that have it much worse, trust me I know from experience. Anyways just wanted to say that you may think you have it bad but it might not be the case and you might just have it mild, just if it stays like that for the rest of my life with one or two permenant spikes, I'll be the happiest!

      I'm just terrified of the unknown. Even with this spike that hasn't gone down in a couple days takes a little getting used to but i'll cope.

      Honestly Idk what i'm talking about. Just hi.
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      not sure
      You will do just tine. You already have the right attitude and your brain will sense from your reaction that T is not an end game. When the brain does not consider T a threat, it will find its way to habituate to it, if slowly. The future is also not something we need to worry about much. It is not a reality yet. The only moment you can control is the NOW moment, right in front of you, that you can do something to make it the best moment. If you take care of the NOW moment, then cumulatively, your quality of life will change for the better. Take care & God bless.
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      Hi back. You will feel welcome here

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