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      I don't really know.
      Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I've had T for around 6 years (Since I was 11). I'm not really sure if this event caused my T, but I remember one time (around the time I got T), I was on a plane, and started to have pains in my ear due to the air pressure, and I just remember it being there after that.

      My T is usually a clicking sound in both ears when I swallow and when I yawn (louder clicking) and sometimes a ringing (though very rarely), my T doesn't irritate me (any more) and I barely notice it unless I'm in a silent room. I have never visited the doctor to see what the problem is, I've never even told anyone about it as I thought it was just a normal thing, until I stumbled upon this forum. I am not depressed (as far as I'm aware).

      Other factors that may have caused T:
      - Slightly Overweight (Though I wasn't when I first got T)
      - Ear Pain when young (I used to fight a lot)
      - Listening to loud music?

      I don't know why I made this thread, guess I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum LMAO.
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      not sure
      Welcome yungsacchi. Your thread is appreciated. It means a lot to the people who suffers from T to know that you are doing so well after 6 years with T. I think barometric trauma might have caused your T, due to the ears having problem adjusting to the change of air pressure during the flight. Nevertheless, you are doing so well as a young person with T and that is a positive thing for us to hear. Congrats.

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