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      noise induced hearing loss
      My story started about 6 years ago now , with a sudden ringing in my letf ear which freaked me out as it appeared out of nowhere . After looking up on the internet as to what this might be, you can imagine my horror when I found out the facts about this which we have to live with on a daily basis ,and then to have it confirmed by 2 ent`s was a frighteninig experience.

      So all the trouble started with sleeping at night , or should I say not sleeping and then falling asleep at work the next day out of pure exhaustion ,work it turns out was the reason for my noise induced hearing loss and subsequent T. No medication I tried, worked and I tried a lot . I went for one session of brain re training therapy and gave it a miss as I couldn't believe that my brain would just get used to it and block it out , I mean how is that possible, however fast forward a few tough years and many sleepless night it happened , I became habituated and it was awesome , sleeping at night was no problem , lie down , go to sleep, wake up in the morning . I had to listen for it to make sure it was still there . So that has been the norm for the last 3 years or so until last week .I went out to a club , something I obviously have not done in years for an annual party at an old club I used to go to . I took ear plugs with and used them but man they have cranked up the volume in clubs or so it seemed . So low and behold its back and I'm worried its not going to settle down or worse I'm not going to get habituated to it again . All for one night of fun , I feel like such a fool.

      So I suppose my question is , has anyone else had this happen and then become habituated again , did you have to do anything or did it just happen ? It seems there are many treatments out there all of which seem to be empty promises and I live in south Africa and am not sure how long it would take for something new to reach us . Also it costs a lot of money to keep trying something that might work .

      So that's my story so far , things are a little different now as I'm older and have two young children to look after ,and am in the process of going through a divorce so all in all not a great time , for this to happen.
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      not sure
      It seems that this is a spike caused by more acoustic trauma to the ears. I have read many people do get these and they become nervous again. But usually it will settle down to baseline again. However it is prudent to check with your ENT to see if there is hearing loss, and if so the use of hearing aids may help alleviate the ringing. This kind of ear trauma usually take some time for the ears to settle down. In the mean time anxiety and negative emotions can aggravate T. Try your best to keep calm and remain positive that this will past, and mostly it will. Anyhow, you have been through this once before so it will be easier to handle this emotionally. Count that as a positive. Have you done anything to mask your new level of T yet? Take care & God bless.
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