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      Glad I've found this forum with people suffering the same condition as me.
      I live on an island with around 100,000 people and it's not easy to find people with tinnitus.

      My mom noticed I was complaining at ringing In my ears since I was 9 years old, I've have had major sleep problems throughout my life because of it.

      Just recently though ( going on 2 weeks now), my left ear has become full on blocked, with the ringing being 2x as worse and I'm full on deaf in this ear now. I have tried drops from the chemist and they did seem to unblock it slightly, but this only lasted a day or so and now it's fully blocked again.

      Booking to see the GP tomorrow to see what they think.

      If there is any recommendations that anyone has that they think could clear this up without having to see the doc, I would be more than grateful to hear them.

      Thanks all.
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      If possible visit an ENT as quick as you can. GPs often lack the necessary knowledge in these areas.
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      Thanks for the reply.
      I have seen in the past GP's and ENT clinics about my tinnitus / wax build up since I was around 10 -12 years old.

      The ENT guys pulled wax up deep from my ears and told me not a lot can be done about having tinnitus apart from regularly having wax pulled and trying to live with it best I can, which is what I've been told ever since first going to hearing specialists when I was young.

      The doctor syringed my ears the last time I was there to clear wax around a year ago.
      He was having trouble with my left ear and took him 4-5 attempts to clear wax.
      This is the ear I'm having problems with now.
      I just need the best solution to get this ear unblocked as it's driving me super mad!

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